AKSES Phonemic Writing System

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AKSES incorporates a selected set of characters representing American English words in a phonemic orthography (PO). This contrasts with traditional English orthography (TO) of arbitrary spellings. The main purpose of AKSES is to improve the written language skills of Americans. Phonemics (characters representing phonemes) instead of letters of the Roman alphabet introduce children to written communication. The phoneme awareness of early childhood is deliberately expanded to provide a strong link from oral to written words. AKSES is a practical writing system, not a mere teaching system. If adopted by schools and government, it will gain universal acceptance and supplant conventionally-spelled written English.

AKSES System Design

  1. The script for AKSES is  the Roman alphabet.
  2. Phonemic characters are composed of 1 to 3 letters, most a common TO spelling for each of the 43 word elements.
  3. AKSES text does not represent pronunciation; it represents the elements of carefully spoken American English words.
  4. Proper nouns are "spelled" the way "owners" wish.
  5. Quantitative values are always stated as Arabic numerals.
  6. Traditional punctuation and capitalization rules apply.
  7. The grammar and syntax of English apply, but not "spelling rules" based upon traditional grammar.
  8. Words are listed in dictionaries in alphabetical order of the phonemic characters.

Do You Have the Courage to Rescue All Children from Illiteracy?

More than 200 years ago, our forefathers risked everything - their lives, fortunes, and personal honor - to win freedom from what they believed to be an intolerable social and political tyranny. Now, at the threshold of the third millennium, I ask Americans to accept inconsequential sacrifices.  Fight for the AKSES writing system, endure a minor nuisance (unlearning irrational spelling) in order to free the children forever from what they are telling us is the intolerable intellectual tyranny of spelling.

Page blowing fanfare.U kawl too batul.  Deefeet dhu powerful forsez uv Literairy Privulij!

 Give the priceless gift of literacy to ALL future Americans.

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Published 4-22-99. (Last worked on 10/16/04) - James H. Kanzelmeyer.