Facts for Americans who want to help ALL children learn to read and write English as well as they speak it.

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America's Children Need YOUR Help!

  • If you are a teacher or parent, children need your guidance in teaching themselves to read and write English as naturally as they speak.
  • If you work for Federal, state, or local governments, children need you to support universal literacy by working toward adopting a phonemic American writing system, AKSES.
  • If you teach or train teachers, children need you to promote education based upon a transparent (phonemic) writing system.
  • Finally, if you are NONE OF THE ABOVE, your help is especially important.  Accept a few minor adjustments to traditional orthography to ensure that all children become literate before they leave first grade.

Giv us akses too rēding and rīting.

The following could happen next year in America, if we want it badly enough:

Children are taught written English based on 43 standard American phonemes.  Only one symbol is used to write each word element rather than the more than 251 spellings commonly used in traditional orthography. This teaching takes place in homes and schools as political leaders and organizations adopt legislation to legalize the AKSES system, encourage its use, and gradually adopt it for their own operations. Linguistics and literary experts play a crucial role because they put aside traditional rivalries and petty arguments to educate political and educational organizations.  They advocate AKSES because it is the only hope for universal literacy in our time. In the meantime, book, magazine and newspaper publishers and editors gradually switch to phonemic orthography, encouraged by general public acceptance.

A happy child
Hoorā!  Rēding iz lots uv fun!

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Published November 28, 1998. James H. Kanzelmeyer.  (Last worked on 10/16/04)